The Byzantine Tarot

The Byzantine Tarot is a sumptuous new tarot deck, drawing on the rich heritage of art and lore of the Byzantine Empire.
The Byzantine Tarot is available to purchase via Watkins Books

Beautiful Tarot Deck

By Silverfish on 28 Jun. 2015

A few years ago I had the pleasure of accompanying Cilla to Istanbul where she was researching the Byzantine Tarot. We packed into four days what most people take ten days to see! Having been with her on part of this fascinating journey of the Byzantine Tarot - and also our subsequent trip involving Konya and Cappodocia, I can see how Cilla's wonderful images reflect the beautiful artwork we saw. I have been working with the deck for nearly two weeks, it is magnificent, fascinating and I find my readings are very accurate using the deck. It is a total pleasure to work with. I would recommend it to anyone drawn to Tarot, whether a novice or a seasoned reader. Cilla is a very talented intuitive artist and the collaboration with John Matthews has lead to the creation of one of the best decks and interpretation guides I have ever worked with.