• Anna Quill,
    Amazon.co.uk, 2008

    i'm pretty new to tarot, and have collected several decks over the past year, but this is the first to speak directly to my soul. following in the rider-waite tradition, every card tells a story which is a remarkable achievement by the artist. the images have an art nouveau feel - fluid, organic shapes and strong facial features - my first reaction was they'd been created in the 1920s! i'm really looking forward to working with these cards and recording my intuitive responses to each card in the lovely 240pp book included in the set!

  • J Phillips ,
    Amazon.co.uk, 2004

    I've been reading the tarot for ten years, and I've collected many different decks during that time, always searching for my perfect deck, the deck that would really speak to my soul. Well I've found it! This deck is so beautiful. I haven't stopped using the cards since I got them. Any excuse for a reading and I get them out - they're such a pleasure to use. J Phillips (Amazon.co.uk, 2004)

  • Jo,

    Many thanks Cilla for the recording - it works perfectly. It was a pleasure meeting you - thank you ever so much for seeing me. A lot of what you showed me through the reading was already in my 'gut feeling' and my head, and so I realised on the train home that the reading was also a confirmation to me that I'm listening to myself and paying attention to my intuition, which in itself is important to me. Thank you so much once again and I wish you all the best.

  • Z,

    Excellent reading. You analysed me very well. All is true. You went deep in me and saw what is happening. BRAVO! and thanks. Zoulaikha

  • Rebecca,

    I love your cards, they are my favourite tarot pack and would love to have a reading with you some time next week if possible.

  • Laura,

    Dearest Cilla, Thank you , thank you and THANK YOUUUU so very much for the beautiful encounter yesterday. I did have a reading with you at the bookshop and you were such an inspiration and help. I am very blessed when it comes to meeting the right people at the right time.

  • Louisa,

    Hi this is Louisa, you gave me a wonderful reading this afternoon and I just wanted to say thank you. It was really positive and uplifting and has given me a great deal of hope for the future. Very best wishes.

  • Margo,

    I met you a couple of weekends ago at the Tarot Festival in London, and bought your fabulous Devas of Creation. I just wanted you know that I adore this deck! The art, the words, the concept and the atmosphere they project make for wonderful, deep work. I use them every day and love how they interact with whichever card of the day I have pulled. Currently I'm working with the Tarot of the Sidhe, and the 'coincidences' are truly amazing. I'm a member of TABI and recently won their monthly raffle - With the prize voucher I have purchased your Intuitive Tarot, on the back of a review by a chum of mine and fellow TABI member Carla Tate. I'm really looking forward to working with this new deck too.

  • Phil,

    ‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for a Tarot reading you did for me last July. It has made a big difference since, and started me on a road that is being enormously enriching.'

  • Sophie,

    I was amazed at how much you captured in the cards and the energy around. Not that I am not a believer but within the second card not even 5 minutes into the reading, you narrowed in one a very difficult situation that only happened days before seeing you. I came to see you for guidance and clarity and I got just that.'

  • Margaret,

    ‘The reading was fantastic. It left me feeling optimistic and energised, exactly what I needed. For me, there seems to be a therapeutic element to your readings...’

  • Neil,

    ‘I was very impressed by your caring but firm attitude, the way a number of fairly hidden things within myself were identified and illuminated, and the way both general and specifically practical advice on how to change things was offered, but not forced upon me.’